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Thanks to the tremendous dedication of a few noble souls, my videos have been translated into a few languages already.

Translated videos are available in:

German - Thanks to Moni K at BipolareSeele.


Romanian - Thanks to Livia Tudor at hopeforbipolars. 

French - Thanks to Rébecca Labonte at Bipolaire en Éveil

Czech - Thanks to Jiri Bryan and Jan Kokes (scroll down on his YT channel).

Portuguese on my wife's YouTube channel, Ligia Splendore,  as well as our Brazillian social network,

If anyone else is interested in translating videos, please CONTACT me, as I need people who are interested in not only translating, but setting up an independent YouTube channel in the translated language, so a few details need to be worked out.

Adding subtitles has now become very quick and very easy. Once the translation of a video is done, adding the subtitles can take less than one hour. When you are ready, I can show you how it's done. For anyone looking for my scripts, for translation, or any other reason, most of them have been provided below (scroll down).

Once again, a sincere thanks to those of you who have put in the energy to do the translations which have been done already. It means a lot!

Sean Blackwell





For anyone who wishes to help me with translations, the scripts to almost all of my slide-show videos are provided below. Videos are best downloaded from YouTube using YouTubeDownloader.

All videos that I've created are registered under the Creative Commons copyrite license - anyone can use them for whatever purposes.

​Thanks for your help!


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