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An Interview with Chris Cole on his Podcast, Waking Up Bipolar!

Updated: May 21, 2022

A nice interview I just did with Chris Cole of Waking Up Bipolar! In the interview I talk about: My story (if you know it, skip ahead 10 minutes!) - The Relationship between Spiritual Emergency and Bipolar One. - The backstory on why I created my YouTube channel, bipolarORwakingUP. - Why we get naked in “psychosis” - Why Ken Wilber is important, but how he doesn’t understand mental disorders. - Why Stan Grof’s work is so essential. - The importance of childhood regression in the service of mental health. - How it’s usually easier to help people who have disorders for less time. - Why I started doing healing retreats. - The pros and cons of medication in daily life. - The modern myths around eastern spirituality. - Why Earth is a 3 star Hotel. The cultural problems around trying to heal. -

Thanks again Chris, and I look forward to our next talk!

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