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Interview with Jim Flannery from MindFreedom - #protestAPA2018

Updated: May 21, 2022

Hey All,

I had a really fun interview with Jim Flannery, which got posted yesterday as part of the #protestAPA2018 movement. In that interview, I talk about a wide range of important issues which never make it into my videos, because the subject matter is too specific or complex. Among the topics Jim and I cover are:

· My own spiritual experience that got me hospitalized and how my bipolarORwakingUP work got started (if you know my work you may want to skip this part)

· My experience using the Soteria approach to healing acute psychosis, and why I think that model needs a serious upgrade.

· The value of atheism for spiritual experiences

· Spiritual experience as part of the DSM Psychiatric Manual, and the pioneering work of Dr. David Lukoff

· The different types of experiences people have in Spiritual Emergency / Acute Psychosis

· Marijuana, psychedelics and acute psychosis

· The concept of “Recovery” and why I have a problem with it as it’s being used today.

· My experience with shamanic ritual practices, and the pros and cons of shamanic healing approaches.

· The Chemical Imbalance Myth and how it’s a ‘good fit’ for the modern world (even if it’s a lie).

· The relationship between kundalini awakening and bipolar disorder.

· Holotropic Breathwork vs. Bipolar Breathwork as a way to heal.

· Why I work with people while they are medicated or unmedicated.

· The type of people that reach out to me for healing.

· Why I’ve been doing my Bipolar Awakenings Healing Retreats mostly in Europe

· My current plans for a retreat center in Brazil.

· Whether or not bipolar disorder holds a special gift or power.

· The two elephants in the room that both the pro and anti-psychiatry movements ignore.

· My personal beef with psychiatry.

· The difference between religion and an inherent spirituality.

· Why so many people think they are Jesus during an ‘acute’ psychosis.

· Working with Demonic energies

· Why I switched from the name bipolarORwakingUP to Bipolar Awakenings for my website.

· And, finally, the thing I really shouldn’t be talking about (but I do anyways!)

Thanks so much to Jim Flannery for asking me some really terrific questions! It was a lot of fun!

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