The Path

   is simple, not easy.

Healing Bipolar Disorder is something most people believe to be impossible. However, if you are prepared, courageous, and a little lucky, it can be done. In order to prepare you for the road ahead, let's take a look at the first step...

Sean Blackwell's book, Am I Bipolar or Waking Up?

1. Get to Know Us

My name is Sean Blackwell, and I've been researching the spiritual dimension of bipolar disorder since 2007. However, prior to that, I was sent to the psychiatric hospital in 1996, for a short, but traumatic stay. For me, my experience of so-called "acute psychosis" was more like a spiritual awakening, something for which I am forever grateful.


How I went from being hospitalized to wanting to help people heal their bipolar disorder is quite a story. My inner journey led me on a quest which took me across both North and South America. In fact, it was on a shamanic tour of Peru that I met my wife, Ligia Splendore, who is now a transpersonal psychologist here in Brazil. Together, we live in the city of Sao Paulo, where we help people with bipolar disorder and other related disorders.

My book shares all the details of how we came to this spiritual calling. By the time you're finished, you will have a clear idea of who we are and what we're about.

Link to Sean Blackwell's book, Am I Bipolar or Waking UP?

2. Get to Know the Work

My YouTube channel, bipolarORwakingUP, started in 2007. It was then that I began researching the question, “What is the difference between bipolar disorder and a spiritual awakening?”

Once I started meeting people online who were medicated for bipolar disorder, I began to realize that there was hardly any difference at all, but that the lives of people who were medicated took a path very different from my own. That inspired me to help people around the world.

If are interested in working with me towards your healing, please watch my playlists. I have all of the essential videos here on my site. I’ve included more recent videos related to the healing retreat here on the homepage.


3. Try our Online Therapies

Distance Surrogate Breathwork | DSB

As I've been working with people in the retreat format since 2013, I've made a few important discoveries.

None is more important than the fact that I'm able to help people heal at a distance, using a form of Bipolar Breathwork where I breathe on the clients behalf. 

If you are curious, why not give it a try?

The two-hour session is $150 USD, with a full refund for anyone unsatisfied with their experience.

Conscious Emotional Clearing | CEC

CEC is a simple yet powerful therapeutic approach that can help you clear emotional blockages in your bio-energetic field.


CEC can bring quick relief to conscious emotional problems and help work towards the healing of your disorder. It can be taught through a one-hour coaching session and is used as a compliment to DSB. After just one session, you may be prepared to try it yourself at home.

The one-hour session is $100 USD.


4. Download the Retreat
Handbook & Pricing Guide

Due to the coronavirus outbreak, retreats are currently on hold.

Feel free to download the PDF's to learn about our program.

Fully informed and prepared, you may choose to embark on the most powerful part of our journey, the Bipolar Awakenings Healing Retreat. A personalized program for one client and their supporter, this retreat is intended to help facilitate transformation - an experience which should not only be a significant step in your healing path, but also in your own personal development. 


5. Book a Consultation

During a  one-hour video consultation, I have the opportunity to hear your story,  as well as discuss possible options for you to consider as you begin your own healing process. A brief orientation towards online healing therapies can also be provided. My normal hourly rate is $100, however, I charge $50 for this initial session.

Sean Blackwell