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Conscious Emotional Clearing
Training Course

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Over the past decade, people with bipolar disorder have frequently asked me what they can do independently to work towards the healing of their disorder. As many of you know, the Bipolar Awakenings Healing Retreat has been a significant step in that direction. But, while the retreat is a powerful form of healing, it is an intense, somewhat expensive process that may be out of reach for many.

However, through continual learning and experimentation, I think I’ve created a safe and effective method that can help many people – Conscious Emotional Clearing, or CEC.

Conscious Emotional Clearing is a method of primal personal expression that can help you “clear” or release some of the negative emotions which contribute to your disorder. Once you learn the technique, many of the frequent situations that get you “triggered” will no longer have the same power over you that they once did.

While CEC is very simple, it is not necessarily easy! Opening up to repressed emotions can take a bit of guidance, support, and practice. That’s why I’ve created a brief online course of four classes to help people master this method.

Once you have had some instruction and guided practice with CEC, you should find that it is safe enough to do daily, within the comfort of your own home – no therapist required! CEC alone may not be enough to heal your disorder completely, but opening up to your repressed emotions will be a significant step in the right direction.

Course details are as follows:

  • There are separate programs beginning on:
    - Wednesday, Sept. 22nd at 3:00 pm EDT (New York)
    - Thursday, Sept. 23 at 8:00 pm. EDT

  • Each student should register for only one time period.

  • Duration:  Between 75 and 90 minutes, with each class providing the opportunity for instruction, practice, and sharing.  

  • Class size: A limit of six students per program (18 in total) to ensure personalized attention. 

  • Fee: USD 200 for the four-class course.

If you have ever felt the desire to work towards healing, now is the time.


Sean Blackwell

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