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Breaking Open, a new book on Spiritual Emergency. Sean interviews co-editor, Jules Evans

Updated: May 21, 2022

Breaking Open: Finding a Way Through Spiritual Emergency, is a collection of 14 personal stories of people who have been in psychologically stressful times and come out the other side better than they were before! A chapter on my story, as well as the healing work I’ve been doing with people labeled with bipolar disorder closes the book.

The book is edited by the unique team of fellow experiencer, Jules Evans, and transpersonal psychiatrist, Tim Read. Together, Jules and Tim bring a sophisticated interpretation of our experiences, pointing out the shortcomings of the current psychiatric model, all the while being aware of the perils of these powerful inner journeys. I think this is the best book on the spiritual dimension of our experiences to date.

In this video, I have a short interview with Jules about how this book came to life.

For more about Breaking Open, please click to see its page on

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